Handguns For Women & Youth

A few Words to Our Female Customers…

Woman with Handgun

The staff of Adventure Outfitters recognizes that the largest growth percentage of new buyers of firearms are women. In 2014, 74 percent of new gun purchasers were female. Between 2001 and 2013 the number of female hunters rose 85 percent. We appreciate the fact that women make up a substantial part of the firearms market and our company values your business.

Regardless of your experience level, you will find our store offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. You will be treated with the respect every customer deserves. We stock a range of handguns and long guns that are suited for the female shooter in terms of their size, weight, and use.

We are happy to spend as much time as required to answer your questions and show you a variety of firearms and accessories in order to best serve your needs. For those that require it, our staff is able to provide or arrange training of various types and levels with experienced, qualified instructors. Individual instruction is also available as well as consultation with an experienced female shooter should you prefer it.

Youth Guns

Youth with Mother for Firearms Training

Adventure Outfitters has always believed in teaching the youth about the safe handling and use of firearms. We also believe in supporting youth shooting teams. With this concept in mind, we maintain an inventory of firearms intended for the young shooter. We value helping parents in making the right purchase for your youth’s needs. With safety and proper training in mind, we can provide the right firearm for hunting or target shooting.

Shooting promotes responsibility and is a fun, year-round family activity. We encourage parents to stop in and discuss different options as well as any concerns that you may have when making a purchase of this very important and special nature.