Gunsmith & Firearms Appraisal Services

Gunsmith Services

Side view of a scoped accessorized rifle

We offer several gunsmithing services including repair, customization, restoration, accessorizing and basic upgrades. Feel free to call our store and discuss your project or gunsmithing needs with our staff.

Firearms Appraisal Services

Older Firearm For Appraisal

Adventure Outfitters has provided Firearms Appraisal Services for over two decades. Our area of expertise covers modern (post-1898) firearms, ammunition and accessories and includes both commercial as well as military firearms of domestic and foreign manufacture. We have experience dealing with both Title I and Title II (NFA) weapons.

Over the years Adventure Outfitters has provided firearms appraisals for insurance purposes, estate division, divorce and collection management. We offer a professional, written report with supporting documentation when needed. Consultation services, as well as court testimony, are available. We have been recognized in multiple jurisdictions as experts in the field of Modern Firearms Valuation.

Unlike many others, we do not rely solely on published firearms valuation books but instead, collect our own data and compile and maintain a database of confirmed sales prices for firearms from across the country. This ongoing data collection allows us to better track market trends and provide a more accurate valuation based on condition and other factors.